Password and Profiles

Everyone whose email we have, will be added to the website this week.  Please change your password from the one sent to you in your initial email.  Go to “Users” in the left hand column then on to “Your Profile”.  You can also upload a recent photo instead of the generic avatar that was created for you.  Navigation of the website is relatively easy.  Please see the previous posts for tech support.  When you do post something please make sure that you go to the Right Hand Column.  Go to the Categories Box check the box next to your name before you publish something otherwise it will default to general school pictures and get lost. You can upload almost any form of media in your posts.  You can comment on anyone’s post, but you can only edit your own.

Tech Support

If you click on the “How to Upload Photos” tab at the top of the page  you will find step by step instructions to upload media to your posts.  Also, if you are running into difficulties, scroll all the way to the bottom of the instructions.  There is an email me box to check.  My student, James, will provide tech support  for us to navigate the website.

One very important point – Make sure that when you post something that you go to the Categories box in the lower right hand corner of the posting page and check your name so that your post is associated with your name.  Otherwise it will default to General School Pictures.

Hey Greying Hounds…let us know what’s up in your life

We have upgraded the shs70 site (thanks to Bill Heidenreich and his students).  As you can see – you need to login to get to the goodies.

Please add pictures, stories, videos, poems, songs, jokes, or anything that suits your fancy to let the rest of us know about your awesome life!  We’ll share this with everyone in the class, and make sure that everyone who comes to the reunion has a chance to see your life :)